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Testimonial (Melanie H.)

"When Olanie told me she was opening her online jewelry store, I was not only ecstatic about it but knew it would be fabulous! The first time I had the chance at seeing her merchandise, I was blown away! The quality and 'classieness ' of her pieces was stunning! Olanie definitely have an eye for the best!! The most shocking though was the price! She doesn't compromise quality with affordability!  I know sweet N' Classy will be very successful as they select la creme de la creme jewelry and care about provide high quality service! Thank you Sweet N' Classy to bring up the luxurious items which anyone can afford! Love it!! All the best!!"

Our Mission

A small accessory can have a powerful impact in helping a woman look and feel good about herself. Our goal is to provide accessories that are not only trendy and stylish but also incredibly affordable. To allow women a little indulgence in their daily life with no sacrifice needed or guilt to splurge and treat themselves. We make it possible to have the best of both worlds! 

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